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Education Committee
The objective of the Education Committee is to advise the Council on issues, policies and programs related to training, education and examination in the College.
Chairman (Censor-in-Chief) Dr Chi-Man NGAI 魏智文醫生
President Dr Victor ABDULLAH 石偉棠醫生
Kowloon Central Cluster Dr John CHAN 陳昌輝醫生
Kowloon East Cluster Dr Peter Ka-ming KU 顧家銘醫生
Kowloon West Cluster Dr Ka-chun WONG 黃家俊醫生
New Territories West Cluster Dr Vincent Kwok-hung LEUNG 梁國雄醫生
New Territories East Cluster Dr Eddy Wai-yeung WONG 王維揚醫生
Hong Kong East Cluster Dr Peter Ka-chung KWAN 關嘉聰醫生
Hong Kong West Cluster Dr Joseph Chun-kit CHUNG 鍾駿傑醫生
Private Practice Dr Hing-sang CHAN 陳慶生醫生
Private Practice Dr Hin-kwok FUNG 馮憲國醫生
Private Practice Dr Ambrose Chung-wai HO 何頌偉醫生
Private Practice Dr Victor Shing-howe TO 杜承灝醫生
Private Practice Dr Martin Wai PAK 白威醫生
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Dr Jason Ying-kuen CHAN 陳英權醫生
The University of Hong Kong / HK Society
of Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery
Dr Raymond King-yin TSANG 曾敬賢醫生
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2021 October
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