Head & Neck Surgery Board

Head & Neck Surgery Board (2023-2025)
The Head & Neck Surgery Board of the Hong Kong College of Otorhinolaryngologists is responsible for promoting, developing and overlooking post-fellowship Head and Neck Surgery training in Otorhinolaryngology practice in Hong Kong. The Board gives advice to the Council on issues and programs related to Head & Neck Surgery training centres and trainers.
Chairman Dr Jason Ying-kuen CHAN 陳英權醫生
Kowloon Central Cluster Dr Wilson Wai-shun NG 吳偉迅醫生
Kowloon East Cluster Dr Zenon Wing-chi YEUNG 楊穎智醫生
Kowloon West Cluster Dr Cynthia Ka-cheong WAI 衛嘉鏘醫生
New Territories West Cluster Dr Ingrid Io-meng CHIO 趙曉明醫生
New Territories East Cluster Dr Eric Hui-lun LAU 劉昫綸醫生
Hong Kong East Cluster Dr Fergus Kai-chuen WONG 黃啟泉醫生
Hong Kong West Cluster Dr Joseph Chun-kit CHUNG 鍾駿傑醫生
The University of Hong Kong Dr Stephanie Nga-sze WONG 黃雅詩醫生
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Dr Jason Ying-kuen CHAN 陳英權醫生
Private Practice Dr Siu-Kwan NG 吳少君醫生
Advisor Dr Alexander Chris VLANTIS 屈力行醫生
2024 July
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