Young Fellows Chapter

Young Fellows Chapter Governing Committee
Announcement of New Election Results of the Young Fellows Chapter
(‘YFC’) Governing Committee for the term of 2024 to 2026
We are delighted to announce the new election results of the Young Fellows Chapter (‘YFC’) Governing Committee for the term of 2024 to 2026. The YFC aims to promote and enhance engagement and involvement in the College’s activities, recognizing that the future of the profession and the College lies with our Young Fellows.
1 To consider matters delegated to it by the College Council, as well as provide feedback and comments on issues relevant to young Fellows.
2 To act as a platform for communication between young Fellows and the College Council, and a conduit for the views of young Fellows to be represented to the Council.
3 To promote young Fellows engagement and involvement in the College.
4 To enable collaboration with other Colleges and medical groups to promote professional development and research among young Fellows across the specialties locally and internationally.
The YFC was established in July 2022 within the Hong Kong College of Otorhinolaryngologists under the College Council. A Fellow with the College Fellowship awarded within the past 10 years is considered as a “Young Fellow” (i.e. on or after 2014). All Young Fellows are eligible to vote and be elected for each term of office. The YFC of the College shall be governed by six Committee Members, including a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The YFC Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are further elected among the six Committee Members by themselves.

The results of the recent election of the YFC Governing Committee for the term of 2024 to 2026:
CHAIRMAN Dr Eric Hui-lun LAU 劉昫綸醫生
VICE-CHAIRMAN Dr Jason Siu-shan LAW 羅肇山醫生
SECRETARY Dr David Chun-man YEUNG 楊駿文醫生
TREASURER Dr Zion Wing-hei TO 杜永禧醫生
COMMITTEE MEMBERS Dr Courtney Oi-yee CHAN 陳靄怡醫生
Dr Wilson Wai-shun NG 吳偉迅醫生
Dr Eric Hui-lun LAU and Dr Zion Wing-hei TO have also been nominated to represent our College in the YFC under the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine for the one-year term from 1st July 2024 to 30th June 2025.
2024 July
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